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This form is permission controlled; if you believe you should have access to this area please email a permission request form to / or email the SGFL Cloud Team

How to ADD information:

  1. To add your school closure details click on 'new' below. If you do not see the 'new' option then you may not have permission to update this system.  If you do not see this option please click on the following link: School Closure Form​

 Select your establishment name from the drop down list
  • Add start or end date and time.
  • Select reason for closure from the drop down list, or if reason not available specify your own value.
  • Add notes for parents - this is a mandatory field so must be completed before you will be able to 'save' the closure.
  • Add an expiry date (this will be the date that the closure details are removed from the main screen)
Details of who has entered this closure for the school will be automatically logged on the system.

To EDIT information already added:

1. Click on the note you have added for parents (this will show in blue).
2. Click on 'Edit' , then make the necessary changes.
3. Click 'OK' to save.
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